SAP Cloud ALM is an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) offering of SAP for customers that use only (or at least predominantly) cloud solutions from SAP and do not want to deploy an own ALM platform on premise for managing them.

SAP Cloud ALM manages the application lifecycle for the Intelligent Suite

  • SAP Cloud ALM is for cloud-centric customers
  • SAP Cloud ALM manages cloud and hybrid solutions
  • SAP Cloud ALM supports every SAP solution

SAP Cloud ALM manages the application lifecycle in the public cloud

  • SAP Cloud ALM is an application running on
  • SAP Cloud Platform and is optimized for HANA
  • SAP Cloud ALM starts with trial and is for life
  • SAP Cloud ALM is an ALM solution optimized for cost efficiency

SAP Cloud ALM was announced on September 18th 2018, at the SAP Solution Manager Education Summit 2018.

The SAP Cloud ALM Roadmap

SAP plans to make SAP Cloud ALM available step-by-step. Our 3-years ambitions are:

  • In 2018, SAP delivers an implementation portal for SAP S/4HANA cloud
  • In 2019, SAP delivers integration monitoring as well as test and deploy to production
  • In 2020, SAP enhances the support of the application lifecycle for most SAP products
  • SAP plans to deliver full SAP Cloud ALM in 2021

Dr. Matthias Melich, VP SAP Solution Manager, SAP SE, explains the relationship between SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and SAP Cloud ALM

SAP Cloud ALM – FAQ’s

Who should use SAP Cloud ALM? Target customers of SAP Cloud ALM are cloud-only, cloud first, and cloud-centric customers of SAP. They typically have no SAP Solution Manager and no (or very little) SAP applications deployed on premise. All other SAP customers may use it as well if they have a valid SAP Enterprise Support maintenance agreement.

Is SAP Cloud ALM targeting traditional SAP Solution Manager customers? No, SAP Cloud ALM is targeting cloud-centric customers and customers for which SAP Solution Manager is not an option. The investments of 15,000 loyal SAP Solution Manager customers are protected for many more years.

Will SAP continue investing in SAP Solution Manager? SAP will continue the customer connection program to improve SAP Solution Manager according to customer influence for the functional areas of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 that went through extensive overhaul.

Will Cloud ALM replace SAP Solution Manager? SAP Cloud ALM is not the legal successor of SAP Solution Manager. SAP Solution Manager 7.2 will remain in mainstream maintenance until 2025 at least.

Can we upgrade from SAP Solution Manager 7.2 to Cloud ALM? SAP Cloud ALM is a standalone product separate from SAP Solution Manager. There is no upgrade path.

How will SAP support the move from SAP Solution Manager 7.2 to SAP Cloud ALM? As SAP Cloud ALM is a new product. SAP supports greenfield implementations with rollout documents, learning material and services. Transferring data from SAP Solution Manager 7.2 to SAP Cloud ALM is currently not supported. For the future, SAP plans to support the transition from SAP Solution Manager 7.2 to SAP Cloud ALM. SAP will collaborate with customers to support the transition with tools, content, best practices and methodologies.

We just upgraded to SAP Solution Manager 7.2. Is the investment lost? No, this investment is not lost! SAP Solution Manager will remain in mainstream maintenance at least until end of 2025. And SAP Solution Manager 7.2 supports cloud services as well. So, there is no need for you to leave SAP Solution Manager and switch to SAP Cloud ALM.

We are still on SAP Solution Manager 7.1, should we upgrade to 7.2? If you are still using SAP Solution Manager 7.1 today, SAP recommends the upgrade to mitigate the risks. This is independent of whether you plan to use SAP Cloud ALM or not.

Full FAQ list

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