Welcome to our final Application Management Life-cycle (ALM) Blog for 2018. This year has been a busy one for the SAP Solution Manager Community. SAP continues to invest in its ALM Product suite with new Support Packs, a new product (SAP Cloud ALM) and by making its Focus Build and Insights Solutions free from 2020.

As SAP’s Marc Thier acknowledged at the recent Solution Manager Summit, the original Solution Manager product was an afterthought. Luckily, after years of investment in new tools and methodology (Focus Build, Agile, Test Automation), SAP now has the product suite to help supercharge your ALM strategy. As you plan your next major transformation (S/4 Migration, Digital Transformation, Brown/Greenfield Implementation etc), the time is right to incorporate SAP Solution Manager into your thinking.

This will improve your chances of success and reduce your reliance on 3rd party implementation partners by establishing a robust Requirement to Deployment process based on transparent Business Process Management that ensures IT delivers measurable business value.

In the below 2018 wrap-up we cover how SAP Solution Manager is the best ALM solution to support your S/4HANA migration. Our recent webinar on Focus Build also covers how to take control of your transformation projects and adopt an Agile approach. We also cover SAP’s Cloud ALM announcement. Another important reminder is that SP08 has just been released and is the go to Support Pack that supports the new https support backbone (cut-over over in Jan 2020).

Finally, with the beginning of a new year, January is a great time to upgrade your SAP ALM Skills so for information on SAP’s ALM training please click on EGI Training Schedule. These are free with SAP Enterprise Support.

SAP Solution Manager 2018 wrap-up

Now a look back on 2018, which has been a hectic year for SAP Solution Manager and the ALM community. We started the year with our very popular Blog series on how to utilize SAP Solution Manager to optimize your SAP S/4HANA migration:

Phase 1: Planning
Phase 2: Preparation
Phase 3: Realization
Phase 4: Operate & Optimize

In each phase, we cover how the SAP Solution Manager functionality supports the project deliverables and will help you drive a successful transition from plan to operate. The key takeaway is that by documenting the existing and new processes in SAP Solution Manager you will create a solid foundation for leveraging ALM best practices and Digital Transformation for the next 10 years.

This was followed by the Sapphire & TechEd conferences which included many customer success stories and ALM product presentations (see links).

SAP also had a couple of major announcements:

The highlight of the year was the SAP Solution Manager Education Summit which was held at SAP US HQ in Newtown Square. There were lots of robust discussions conducted around the future of SAP’s ALM strategy. Marc Their addressed many of the concerns in his final presentation including how the Customer influence program will drive enhancements of SAP Solution Manager and Focus Solutions for the next 5 years along with the separate development of the SAP Cloud ALM product. See our full Solution Manager Summit Report for all the details and the following link for all the Presentations.

SAP also released SP07 and SP08 (see below) for Solution Manager along with Focus Build SP02.

Finally if you missed our SAP Focus Build webinar you can listen to a full replay here.

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP 08

Support Pack 08 will be the minimum Support Pack required by Jan 2020 (HTTPS Backbone upgrade)

Key new features are:

  • Mass Change for documents and Mass downloads
  • New Cloud Monitoring templates for Ariba, S/4HANA Cloud, Concur, Fieldglass
  • Custom E-mail Notifications
  • Backbone HTTPS connectivity

See Solution Manager SP08 for full details.

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