ARIS for SAP Solutions

To apply your corporate strategy to your business processes, you need a fast and efficient way to map those processes and business concepts to your SAP environment. ARIS for SAP Solutions is what you need. ARIS for SAP Solutions bridges the gap between business and IT by engaging all teams, from business blueprint to go-live. Use it to accelerate designing, implementing and optimizing SAP processes. 

ARIS for SAP Solutions connects ARIS with your SAP landscape,including SAP Solution Manager 7.2, SAP Business Warehouse and SAP NetWeaver BPM


Key benefits

Seamless integration of business processes and SAP environment 

Process-driven SAP implementations, upgrades and roll outs

Clear communication and collaboration across all departments and locations

Reduced risks with process-based and high-quality testing

Faster response to required process and SAP changes

Reduced project time and costs by up to 40 percent

Reduced operating costs of SAP BW landscape

Scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.


Synchronize with Solman

Synchronizing with SAP Solution Manager ensures you have all the necessary process and SAP-related information for your SAP projects. Scenarios, processes and process steps, along with the associated SAP system landscape, SAP transactions and IMG objects are synchronized between ARIS and SAP Solution Manager.

Further, you can download the relevant organizational and master data into ARIS and exchange documents. This supports complete end-to-end process information on both the business and the IT side. 


ARIS for SAP supports:

SAP implementations

SAP upgrades

SAP roll outs

SAP redocumentation

Testing SAP solutions

Training SAP end users

Modeling SAP BW solutions

To secure your SAP investments, ARIS supports the API of the new SAP® Solution Manager 7.2

With its new release, SAP offered with Solution Manager 7.2 SP 3 an open API for data exchange. Securing classical ARIS for SAP Solutions capabilities and leveraging new ones, ARIS will support this API. Software AG plans to deliver a dedicated service release directly after SAP releases so that you can profit from a smooth transition.

Design SAP test cases
ARIS for SAP Solutions combined with ARIS test designer eliminates doublework by re-using process knowledge. You can accelerate and optimize test design through process orientation. Create endto-end test case descriptions, including graphs, and transfer created test scenarios into SAP Solution Manager or HP Quality Center for actual test execution.

Automate SAP processes
ARIS for SAP Solutions additionally supports the preparation of SAP process execution in SAP NetWeaver BPM. After business blueprinting in ARIS, use the BPMN 2.0 exchange format to transfer the processes into SAP NetWeaver BPM.

Document SAP processes
Automatic project documentation creation with the ARIS project documentation assistant helps you to reduce documentation time and costs.
You can automatically document business requirements, business blueprint as well as technical design document regarding reports, interfaces, conversions,enhancements and forms (RICEF)specifications.


Why BPM?

Deliver more with less – BPM leads to efficient organization thus minimizing the resources used
Bridge gap between Business and IT
Holistic view of a standards based process framework to drive process definitions, design, execution and eventually monitoring
Agility – the responsiveness of enterprise to emerging opportunities and challenges
Efficiency – the cost-reductions due to optimized use of infrastructure including hardware and software solutions and process standardizations
Business Process Governance – maintain consistency and standards
Adaptability – the resilience to change in delivering business-centric solutions so that risks associated with change impacts are well managed and minimized
Speed to Market, Innovation and Compliance

Benefits of BPM

Centralize Processes for Business and IT
Centralize Project Documentation for Business, IT & Testing
Align Business & IT to share information
Successful Comprehensive Testing
Integrate Tools and Information for SAP and Non-SAP
Reduce Risk & Increase Automation
Requirement Definition
Establish Requirements Traceability
Increase Visibility, Sustainability, Scalability
Reusable Process for Managing Change
Co-workers have confidence and trust in each other
There is open communication between employees, managers and IT
Managers share vision and information with employees
The organization is able to respond to changes in markets quickly
Senior management has confidence and trust in you and your managers
There are efficient communication channels for transferring information
The organization has appointed people responsible for processes
Managers support changes in processes

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