SAP Solution Manager Test Suite

Test Management is one of the most important tasks during an implementation project. During change projects, regression tests ensure the smooth operation after modifying the production systems.


SAP Solution Manager is a very powerful tool for test management, test planing, test execution, and test reporting. It supports manual and automated testing, both for implementation projects as well as for change projects. Our services allow you a smooth start into new projects and help you to master all test challenges.

SAP Solution Manager Test Suite is the default Test Suite for all SAP customers

except for customers with a strategic decision for a partner test suite 


Current Situation

You‘re planning to implement a new or upgrade an existing SAP solution


ŸYou expect significant efforts for the test preparation and execution


Test design, test planning, and execution shall be carried out as cost effectively and efficiently as possible with the help of SAP Best Practices


Ÿ You are planning to use a professional test management suite




Effort and Outcome

Test plan (pre-defined or customized, package-dependent)

Trainings for Test Managers and tester, training material included

Pre-configured SAP Test Workbench with defect handling

Additional solutions for enhanced test reporting and test step support


Your Benefits

Test Management Service for SAP solutions contains everything you need for a professional test planning and test execution

ŸReduce project risk, benefit from SAP Best Practices and take advantage of a professional test management tool

ŸMinimize effort and costs with an optimized package size for your project

SAP Solution Manager  – Test Suite A full-blown application for manual / automated testing and change impact analysis

Functional Scope
– Manual and automated functional tests
– Automated change impact analysis of maintenance activities for test scope optimization of regression tests
– New requirements triggering semi-automated test planning for user acceptance tests and functional integration tests
– High degree of test automation possible
– Supports agile development approach within requirements-to-deploy process through Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager
– Seemlessly integrated with SAP Solution Manager Process Management, Solution Documentation, ChaRM, ITSM, …

ConCorn’s SAP Testing services include:

  • UT – Unit Tests

  • SFT – Single Functional Tests

  • UAT – User Acceptance Tests

  • FIT – Functional Integration Tests

  • RT – Regression Tests

  • TCoE – Testing Center of Excellence 

  • BPCA – Business Process Change Analyzer

  • SEA – Scope and Effort Analyzer

  • Integrations (HPALM, Worksoft…)

  • Training and Knowledge Transfer


Solution Documentation
Documentation of Business Processes, Process Steps and Executables (Transactions, Reports, Fiori, …)
Assignment of Test Cases (manual, automated) to Executables, Process Steps or Business Processes
Changes with SAP Solution Manager 7.2
Executable Library generated from assigned managed systems
Test Case (manual, automated) assignment at any level in Executable Library, Process Step Library, Business Processes
New attribute „Assignment Type“ with values „additive“ or „exclusive“ to enable use of already assigned test cases assigned to library nodes for Business Processes
Test System Preparation
Setup of lean test systems (QAS) from PRD or Pre-PRD systems
Copy of master data and selective transactional data
Data refresh on a regular basis
SAP Products
SAP LM (SAP Landscape Management)
Changes with SAP Solution Manager 7.2
No change
Creation of Manual Tests
Definition of manual test scripts based on document templates
Assignment to Executables, Process Steps or Business Processes
Changes with SAP Solution Manager 7.2
Test Case types for manual test reduced to „Test Document“
New attribute „Test Classification“, e.g. Single Functional Test, UAT, Integration Test, Regression Test
Creation of Automated Tests
Definition of automated test scripts using applications from SAP (CBTA) and/or partners (HP-UFT, WS Certify)
Integration to SAP Solution Manager via open interface Test Automation Framework
Assignment of Test Configuration to Executable, Process Step or Business Process
Changes with SAP Solution Manager 7.2
New attribute „Test Classification“, e.g. Single Functional Test, Integration Test, Regression Test
System Data Container (SDC) is generated automatically – no manual activity
Provisioning of Test Data
Provisioning of static test data for manual and automated tests via SAP Solution Manager Test Suite
Identification, planning, derivation and provisioning of test data
Analysis of posting patterns in various Org Units to derive suitable test data
Changes with SAP Solution Manager 7.2
No changes
Scope and Effort Analyzer (SEA)
Very early change impact analysis for SP / EHP before deployment in Dev or Sandbox system
Identifies impacted custom code and modification objects and estimates adjustment effort
Derives test scope and optimizes effort for regression tests
Changes with SAP Sol Man 7.2
Replacement of Maintenance Optimizer with cloud-based Maintenance Planner (MP)
Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA)
Change impact analysis for Transports, SP / EHP, etc. during change activities – like regular maintenance – or release and upgrade projects
Identifies impacted business processes / steps
Risk-based test scope optimization
Changes with SAP SolMan 7.2
Semi-dyn.TBOM generation using ABAP Call Monitor to increase accuracy of analysis results
Attribute „Business Process Test“ to flag business processes that require test execution of all process steps
Calculation of Business Process TBOM on-the-fly to reduce preparation effort
Flag to avoid dominance of Executable Library for TSO
Test Plan Management
Compilation of Test Plan via selection of test cases for upcoming test cycle
Definition of multiple Test Packages for each Test Plan with assignment of manual testers
Definition of Test Sequences for explicit assignment of testers to test cases of a sequence
Changes with SAP Solution Manager 7.2
New application to handle test planning including test case selection using powerful filters
Test Sequence defined at Test Plan level
Execution of manual Tests
Test execution with access to all relevant information, test status setting, test notes and defect creation
Launch of application that shall be tested in QAS system via button
Workflow to inform next tester
Changes with SAP Solution Manager 7.2
Seamless flow from Test Plan creation to Test Package creation with optional use of Sequences
Test sequences now available at Test Plan level allowing better usability
Ability to track Test execution status at Tester level in case of multi Tester assignment
New overview Tile for quick visualization of Test Progress
New application with Focused Build for simplified manual test execution
Execution of automated Tests
Test execution of automated test triggered by Test Coordinator or scheduled job
Composite tests for testing of E2E business processes using 1 or combination of test automation tools.
Scheduling of multiple test in unattended mode in bulk at selected time, e.g. during the night to allow mass execution
Test results available from SAP and partner test tools in SAP Solution Manager for reporting
SAP Solution Manager 7.2
No change
Defect Management
Creation of Defects by Tester during test execution
Defect contains all relevant context information
Workflow between service organization and tester
Changes with SAP Solution Manager 7.2
No change
Analytics, Reporting and Sign-Off
Gap and completeness reports to check availability of Test Suite assets, like test cases, TBOMS, etc.
Test Execution Analytics to assess test status
Progress Analytics to assess progress of test execution
Changes with SAP Solution Manager 7.2
Completely redeveloped functionality with high usability, integration between reports and rich functionality

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