Transition to SAP innovations such as SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA on premise or on Enterprise Cloud

Reduce the footprint of your non-production environment and minimize infrastructure and maintenance expenses 

Enable functional teams to extract and transfer data for troubleshooting and testing purposes 

SAP’s Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) is a module designed to extract specified data from a production environment into a development, quality assurance, or training system. There are a variety of data transfer scenarios that can be geared to fit customers’ business needs. Utilizing TDMS will assist in managing non-production environments by easily refreshing those systems with consistent data, saving costs both in personnel and through using a reduced technical footprint. 


What is it?

SAP Test Data Migration Server is a high-speed data extraction tool that populates your development, test, quality assurance, and training systems with SAP business data from your live productive environment.

SAP Test Data Migration Server helps you to create small, easy-to-use environments with consistent, relevant extracts of business data, minimizing infrastructure and maintenance expenses and maximizing the effectiveness and accuracy of your non production systems



Reduce data volume of non-production landscape

Simulate production environment by using real business data

Reduce post-processing work by keeping administrative data objects in target system unchanged (interfaces, users, authorizations, etc.)

Perform selective refresh of individual clients in target system (especially in multi-client systems)

Build complete systems in reduced manner, or transfer selective data based on business objects (e.g., for maintenance situations)

Create slim master shell as basis for target system

Scramble sensitive data according to your needs 


Use Cases

Shell Creation-Repository and client-independent data only (ERP, BI and CRM)

Master and configuration data only (ERP and CRM)

Master and configuration data in addition to time slice of transactional data (ERP, BI, CRM, SCM and SRM))

Master and configuration data in addition to time slice of transactional data for specific company code(s)

Special scenarios for certain industries (IS-Oil, IS-Utilities, IS-Banking, Retail, AFS)

Business Process Library – Predefined business objects/process data

Selective HCM data with data scrambling 

SAP Application Lifecycle Management Industry-Specific Solutions Feature-Rich Data Scrambling Integration with Solution Manager BPL Modeler


SAP TDMS is compatible with Suite on HANA, cloud solutions
SAP TDMS is certified for protecting sensitive data – European Privacy Seal
SAP TDMS has 2500+ shipments to date
SAP TDMS does regular SAP References Live! Calls
SAP TDMS increases data quality and flexibility, reduced infrastructure expenditures and expenses for testing & development, improves the efficiency by reducing the administrative effort

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