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Governance, Control and Stabilty
We have a fully operational testing center for DevOps and SAP testing. This testing service allows us to perform remote end-to-end testing for Non-SAP development as well as SAP specific testing.

Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE)

  • Lead your team into more efficient test cycles
  • Reduce costs, with increased output maximizing ROI
  • Establish Benchmarks that ultimately can reduce bottlenecks
  • Allow continuous improvement of testing practices
  • Create centralized standards to streamline the overall proce

Testing Strategy

Defining a Program level Test Strategy for a business transformation or major project initiative provides the test governance framework that delivers strategic and tactical test activities and delivera

Manually repeating these tests is costly and time consuming. Once created, automated tests can be run over and over again at no additional cost and they are much faster than manual tests.

Contact us and let us show how to AutomateTest Cases. 


Test Case Classification

Unit Tests
Manual or automated tests performed by developers at software object level

Single Functional Tests
Manual tests performed by functional consultants, key user or other expert outside LOB

User Acceptance Tests
Manual tests performed by business process experts (BPx) or key users

Functional Integration Tests
Manual tests performed by functional consultants, business process experts (BPx) or key users

Regression Tests
Manual or automated tests performed by functional consultants or key users or other expert outside LOB


Changes with Solution Manager 7.2

Executable Library generated from assigned managed systems

Test Case (manual, automated) assignment at any level in Executable Library, Process Step Library, Business Processes

New attribute „Assignment Type“ with values „additive“ or „exclusive“ to enable use of already assigned test cases assigned to library nodes for Business Processes

Test Case types for manual test reduced to „Test Document“

New attribute „Test Classification“, e.g. Single Functional Test, UAT, Integration Test, Regression Test

System Data Container (SDC) is generated automatically – no manual activity


Test Preparation

Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA)

Change impact analysis for Transports, SP / EHP, etc. during change acticities – like regular maintenance – or release and upgrade projects
Identifies impacted business processes / steps
Risk-based test scope optimization

Changes with SAP SolMan 7.2

Semi-dyn.TBOM generation using ABAP Call Monitor to increase accuracy of analysis results
Attribute „Business Process Test“ to flag business processes that require test execution of all process steps
Calculation of Business Process TBOM on-the-fly to reduce preparation effort
Flag to avoid dominance of Executable Library for TSO

SAP Solution Manager 7.2  – Test Suite
A full-blown application for manual / automated testing and change impact analysis

Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA)

The Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA) is a versatile tool during the Test Scope Identification for different kinds of Change Impact Analysis. It identifies business processes affected by a change and recommends a risk-based regression testing. A created test plan can be used for the execution of manual and automated tests during the test phase.
In contrast to SEA, BPCA requires that customizing changes and / or code developments exist in the system and are assigned to transport requests or deployed Enhancement / Support Packages

The Scope and Effort Analyzer (SEA)

provides transparency about the change impact of implementing an Enhancement package before a physical installation. The tool delivers a lot of useful information like a list of impacted modifications (SPDD and SPAU) together with an estimation of the required adjustment effort for custom code. Additional information like the “number of custom code objects with syntax errors after upgrade” are estimations based on SAP’s experience. Information about used and unused code is based on reliable usage statistics (UPL data). The integrat

ConCorn’s SAP and non-SAP Test Management services include:

  • Focused Build

  • Solution Documentation

  • HP ALM Integration

  • Worksoft

  • BPCA – Business Change Analyzer 

  • SEA – Scope and Effort Analyzer

  • CBTA – Component based Test Automation

  • Manual and Automated Testing

  • Performance Testing ( HP Load Runner and Integration )

  • Training and Knowledge Transfer

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“We add value to ConCorn’s and SAP’s customers by understanding their business needs and requirements and recommending SAP and certified partner solutions that reduce costs, improve revenues and can improve customer acquisition and retention down to the end user experience.”

“To profitability create, deliver and support comprehensive SAP and partner solutions to the SAP customer base that enable them to operate their SAP Landscapes in a no risk, highly effective environment.   We will achieve this locally, but globally as well with select partners.”

ConCorn has deep expertise in Solution Manager, particularly around BPH and project side in SolMan. They were able to hit the ground running on day 1, knowing exactly what they need to do and what the pre-requisites are. This helped me greatly as the client to provide the right info to them and support them to perform their deliverables. I would recommend ConCorn for any SAP client.

Cindy Shen

SAP Manager (Center of Excellence, Solution Manager, ALM/QC/Automation/Best Practice), Home Trust Company

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