SAP Service Fulfillment

The integrated Service Request Fulfillment functionality is used for post processing activities of created Service Requests. This functionality is realized by the “Checklists”. In a Checklist, you define all specific tasks (steps) that are required to fulfill a Service Request. The tasks contain, for example, information about the task details, the responsible support team or support employee as well as the current task status of execution. Different Checklists can be defined for specific Service Request Categories.

Our approach is to deliver a best practice solution that you can configure according to your individual process requirements as well as link-ups to various enhancement interfaces.This allows you to integrate your own process logic while remaining in charge of maintenance and support. The standard version of SAP Solution Manager provides regular functional enhancements so that major configurations are often unnecessary.



– Service Request

– Service Fulfillment


Service Request

– Service Request
– Service Request Guided Procedures
– Service



– Capture, document, and track all incidents from creation to resolution

– Increase IT support productivity

– Deliver the best solution in a timely manner

– Enhance customer satisfaction

If a Checklist is assigned to a Service Request, the processor is able to manually select the responsible partners for the various Checklist Steps. Checklist Step Partner Determination provides advanced functionality: It is used for the automatic determination of the correct Partners for the single Checklist activities when a new Service Request is created.

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