SAP Solution Manager - Portfolio Management

SAP's portfolio management capabilities give high-level visibility over the entire project portfolio, portfolio analytics and resources.

Portfolio Management

provides a comprehensive and up-to-date view of the entire portfolio of company projects to present the full extent of project risks and opportunities. It allows you to overcome delays that can occur as information is collected from disparate sources. Portfolio management gathers diverse data into dashboards which act as a starting point for portfolio analysis.


Portfolio Management

ntegrates information from existing project management, human resources, and financial systems to provide an overview of the project portfolio and resource availability, and it provides easy drilldown to details.d. Phasellus ac odio eu quam varius elementum sit amet euismod justo.


Portfolio Management

facilitates tasks in portfolio management, project execution and resource management. It assists tasks for assignment of the right employees to the right project at the right time, in order to benefit both the project and employees’ career motivations.

With portfolio management, you can:

  • Align your entire project portfolio with corporate objectives through scoring models.
  • Gain visibility in real-time to project costs, staffing, schedules, and results.
  • Institute effective gates and measures between project phases.
  • Assign, deploy, redeploy, plan, and forecast resources based on qualifications and strategic priorities.
  • Discover sources and manage deployment of expertise and qualifications within the organization, without complex and laborious data entry projects.

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