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Business Process Analytics is the supporting root cause analysis tool for activities in the area of Business Process Improvement for SAP solutions. So implementing Business Process Analytics should not necessarily be a goal by itself, but should rather be a mean for the Business Process Improvement goal.


CCLM Benefits

  • Get full transparency about your custom code
  • Retire unused custom code
  • Improve custom code quality
  • Move closer to SAP standard
  • Get ready for innovations

Implementation Considerations



  • Custom developments can lead to higher operating costs and can make upgrades more complicated. Generally, systems containing custom developments are more complex.
  • Custom Code Management helps you to identify which custom developments you actually need for your business. You have full control over the lifecycle of your custom developments and can use the new features provided by SAP standard software.

Custom Code Management

Eventually the IT department has to build custom codes or modify SAP standard objects to fulfil business requirements due to organizational strategy, legal requirement or to streamline the businesses. However, the lack of governance, skilled peopled, documentation, and toolset often lead to higher complexity and costs of maintenance, and restricted innovation.

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 offers a toolset to support SAP customers in managing Custom Code Lifecycle, from Requirement-to-Retirement. To mention a few:

  • Improving the quality of custom codes

  • Detect the usage of custom codes

  • Decommission obsolete custom codes

  • Eliminate identical clones

Custom Code Management application enable customers to optimize the quality, performance and security of custom developments. This includes governance models to identify custom code in system landscapes and tools such as UPL and SCMON to track the usage of custom code. Usage data can be used to decommission idle code to lower the attack surface for custom developments and reduce the scope of testing during system upgrades or enhancements.

ConCorn’s Optimization SAP services include:

  • Focused Build

  • Custom Code Lifecycle Management

  • Maintenance and Upgrades

  • Business Process Optimization

  • ABAP Code Inspector

  • Custom Code Roadmap

  • CCLM Best Practice

  • CCLM Dashboards

  • HANA and S4/HANA Included 

  • Training and Knowledge Transfer

Custom code lifecycle
From requirement to retirement

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