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Solution Manager 7.2 introduces what SAP calls “Pragmatic Business Process Management”. This is a way to underscore the fact that SolMan 7.2 is more “Business Processes Oriented. 7.1 was IT/Operations focused. 7.2 will try to balance things more, increasing value for Business Processes/Implementation.

Apart from solution operation, the SAP Solution Manager platform also provides an infrastructure for overall application management: from requirement/change request management, through design, build, test, deploy, and operation/optimization, with a major focus on change control.


Blueprint Generation

In SAP Solution Manager 7.2, the libraries are organized based on the application component hierarchy. The blueprint generation report available on SAP Solution Manager 7.1 builds up a process step library structured by the application component hierarchy and using customer system usage.


Template Management

In SAP Solution Manager 7.2, the template management functionality is replaced by a new concept, and the strong re-use paradigm. Template projects can be migrated to SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and activated. If customers use the global roll-out functionality heavily, upgrade to SAP Solution Manager 7.2 is initially not possible. The successor to the global rollout functionality is currently planned for a future SP.


Open interface/other Modelling tools

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 provides built-in graphical modeling capabilities, which may make third-party modeling tools unnecessary.

Please contact ConCorn to learn more on how to integrate ARIS with SAP Solution Manager 7.2

The RBE Plus SAP Analysis for Solution Manager significantly reduced the time and resources required for preparing the Business Blueprint for our upgrade. In addition to increasing the standard SAP transaction assignment by 50%

For customers who do not currently have any solution documentation, this can be the foundation for building up solution documentation structured according to the application component hierarchy.

ConCorn’s Solution Documentation services include:

  •  Solution Documentation

  • Documentation of Business Processes 

  • Redocumentation of Business Processes 

  • Integration with ARIS (Software AG)

  • Integration with Power Designer (SAP)

  • Integration with HPALM 

  • Document Management with SAP Solution Manager

  • Best Practices and Methodologies for Design phase

  • TBOM creation and Automation for Testing / BPCA

  • Training and Education 

Solution Documentation:

The goal of Solution Documentation in SAP Solution Manager is to have central documentation for ITsupported business processes and technical information about SAP and non-SAP solutions for transparency and efficient collaboration.

The basis of the business process documentation is the business process structure. It gives order to the assigned business process documentation.

The business process structure in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 is limited to the three levels “Scenario” – “Business Process” – “Business Process Step”. If you needed more than three levels, SAP AGS best practices recommended circumventing this restriction with naming conventions, e.g. “level 5 -> level 4 -> scenario”.

What are the main differences between SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and 7.2

– Comes with branches instead of projects.
– Introduces the PSL (Process Step Library) which is used as a kind of definition library on step level.
– Has a flexible hierarchy placing scenarios in an arbitrary folder structure.

In addition, there are some additional changes introduced with Solution Manager 7.2:

– Comes along with a BPMN-based modelling tool for the assignment type process diagram
– Does no longer contain the BPR (Business Process Library), since it will be replaced by best practice content. This means the SAP Best Practices packages fully replace the former BPR content.
– Does no longer support shortcuts, keywords, global attributes nor scope.

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