In this phase the software has been built and tested per the develop phase and matches the specs laid out in the design phase.


Quality Gate Management

Establish Quality Gates with Segregation of Duties

Provides integrated and consistent quality process for all operational units across all organizations

One central build, test, and deployment plan for all projects including their Quality Gates


Change Request Management

Predefined Change Management Workflows & Processes

Provides link between requirement and implementation with full traceability

Highly integrated in other SAP Solution Manager functionalities


SAP’s CT Management Infrastructure

Full control & transparency over change execution

Fully integrated transport mechanism and change control system to manage changes across technology stacks and application components

Incorporates SAP’s best practices regarding transport management

One source of truth to avoid and manage risks of application changes in a project

Additional functions to increase consistency and minimize manual efforts

“If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.”
Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric

Why IT Service Management with SAP Solution Manager ?

  1. Best Practice – Which content delivers the solution?
  2. Flexibility – Will the user like it?
  3. Scalability – Are all my requirements fulfilled?
  4. Interaction – How does it interact with my applications?
  5. Integration – Can the solution be integrated in my SAP landscape?
  6. Openess – What about my existing toolset?
  7. Innovation – Are future investments planned?
  8. Support – What if I run in trouble with my solution?
  9. Services – Who helps me in the implemenation?
  10. Unique Value – What is unique with SAP and what say customers who use it?

Runs on almost all SAP Solutions – Minimum is SAP ERP 4.6C

Easy installation and user-training – Common SAP environment, which most basis admins are used to and comfortable with. No installation required, already installed with SAP Solution Manager only short setup and configuration needed Predefined change management processes Change Request Management of SAP Solution Manager comes with predefined change management processes that run out-of-the-box without any setup or customizing effort

Central system administration and change control – SAP Solution Manager is the central system management tool, which is able to control all SAP and non-SAP systems and is fully integrated with the applicaiton lifecycle management suite

Integration with Transport Management System and the enhanced change and transport system (CTS+) – Change Request Management is fully integrated with transport management and CTS+ functionality

ConCorn’s SAP ITSM services include:

  • Full SAP ITSM Suite

  • Design ITSM and Change Request Management Process 


    Design Project/Maintenance Cycles

  • Security Design

  • Urgent, Normal, Defect Correction, Admin, and General Changes,SMIN

  • CTS+ 

  • Set up reporting and analysis 

  • Setup Dashboards 

  • Focused Build

  • Training and Knowledge Transfer

Challenges for Change & Release Management:

Continuously growing and changing market conditions require quick and agile adjustments

Change Management across the boundaries of Hybrid target architectures is a must to prevent application silos

Two-Speed IT architecture with high speed Front End developments while backend systems need to have a slower pace needs to be under control

Change Management in Hybrid architectures needs to fulfill audit requirements like in on premise

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“We add value to ConCorn’s and SAP’s customers by understanding their business needs and requirements and recommending SAP and certified partner solutions that reduce costs, improve revenues and can improve customer acquisition and retention down to the end user experience.”

“To profitability create, deliver and support comprehensive SAP and partner solutions to the SAP customer base that enable them to operate their SAP Landscapes in a no risk, highly effective environment.   We will achieve this locally, but globally as well with select partners.”

We have used ConCorn for many critical projects at SAP. Valton was essential in getting our demo system up and running so we could show the value of our Application Lifecycle Management tools to customers in an environment that looked like their own. We’ve since used him in several other ways to update our systems, help us pull requirements into Solution Manager, he’s done work to integrate products from Cisco and SAP, etc. I trust his work explicitly and he has always hit the dates he’s given us or earlier. We have literally trusted our business to him and he’s delivered.

Mike Hansen

Technical Platform Director, SAP

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