SAP Solution Manager Development

Automated visibility of solution readiness against due dates, with integrated risk management.

Ready-to-run, and integrated, tool-supported methodology to manage requirements and software development in large, agile projects


Value added by methodology & tools

  • Automated visibility of solution readiness against due dates, with integrated risk management
  • ŸManagement of distributed development teams.
  • ŸAgile release and software engineering with optional JIRA integration
  • Automated test planning, change & release
    management to support continuous delivery & integration and DevOps
  • Full integration of demand, project, process,change, release and test management

Transparent Requirements-to-Deploy

  • Releases synchronize project go lives
  • Project to bundle deliverables. Multiple and parallel
    projects are possible
  • Phases ending with Quality Gates
  • Prepare and Scope (“Blueprinting”)
  • Waves ending with Touch and Feel by the business
  • Sprint with Show and Tell sessions to the business

Custom Code Management

Eventually the IT department has to build custom codes or modify SAP standard objects to fulfil business requirements due to organizational strategy, legal requirement or to streamline the businesses. However, the lack of governance, skilled peopled, documentation, and toolset often lead to higher complexity and costs of maintenance, and restricted innovation.

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 offers a toolset to support SAP customers in managing Custom Code Lifecycle, from Requirement-to-Retirement. To mention a few:

  • Improving the quality of custom codes

  • Detect the usage of custom codes

  • Decommission obsolete custom codes

  • Eliminate identical clones

Quality management processes and tasks need to be established throughout the lifecycle to guarantee continuous improvement of the end-to-end operations processes while simultaneously ensuring the flexibility needed to react to changing requirements

ConCorn’s Developement SAP services include:

  • Focused Build

  • Custom Code Lifecycle Management

  • Custom Code Analysis

  • Custom Development Management Cockpit (CDMC)

  • ABAP Code Inspector

  • Custom Code Roadmap

  • CCLM Best Practice

  • CCLM Dashboards

  • HANA and S4/HANA Included 

  • Training and Knowledge Transfer

Custom code lifecycle
From requirement to retirement

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