SAP Landscape Transformation is a powerful and proven set of SAP-provided technologies for conversions and migrations to guarantee performance optimized procedures, ensure complete historical data, provide security mechanism to prevent data loss and business disruption, and increase your business agility.

Leverage Sell, Buy,and Restructure… buy or sell another company, or even carry out reorganizations Unify and Transform Data

Unify and Transform Data... need trustworthy data due to data governance initiatives or have distributed master data?

Consolidate and Reduce IT Costs … centralize or streamline system landscapes



Key Business Challenges

Manage the mergers and acquisition in SAP

Carve outs of plants and companies in SAP

Outsourcing of processes in your SAP system

Reorganization of internal org units, including company codes, plants, profit centers and more

Data analysis and harmonization projects

Consolidation of SAP clients


Key reasons

SAP has virtually become standard and the business process backbone in many industries. However, SAP landscapes can be fragmented and require simplification and ongoing adaptation to new business requirements. Structural changes in the organization, a realignment of the business strategy, efficiency programs, or increased focus on business transparency are often the key drivers for business and IT transformations. Existing IT landscapes often require complex adaptations to execute these transformations, where typical key complexity drivers are:

Multiple instances and different versions

Different processes across the company

Struggling with master data duplicates and inconsistencies in various systems

SAP Landscape Transformation addresses a wide range of those transformation requirements.


Unify and Transform Data

Adjust Asset Account Determination

Adjust Asset Classes

Adjust Fiscal Year Numbers

Change Chart of Accounts

Change Profit Centers

Change Cost Centers

Rename Controlling Areas

Rename Company Codes

Change Customer Numbers

Change Vendor Numbers

Rename Material Numbers

Rename Personnel Numbers

Changing business requirements continuously drive organizations to realign and restructure their business. As a consequence, the transformation of SAP landscapes has become an ongoing business for SAP customers with a strategic importance to stay agile and competitive.

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