SAP Landscape Management - LaMa 3.0

SAP Landscape Management is the new name we use beginning with version 3.0 of the product. The “virtualization” part of the name was misleading to some customers and SAP decided to remove it . This also required a change of the abbreviation  which is now LaMa


SAP Landscape Management (SAP LaMa) – formerly known as SAP Landscape Virtualization Management (SAP LVM) – is a powerful landscape administration solution that helps businesses reduce their cost of operations and increase their business agility through:

– Automation of repetitive, time consuming system administration tasks – Centralized landscape management, operations and visibility

– Acceleration of fundamental business application lifecycle operations


Value Proposition

With SAP Landscape Virtualization Management software (LVM), you can simplify and automate the management and  operations of your SAP systems running on traditional, virtual or cloud infrastructures.


Business Benefits

Greater operational continuity through centralized management, visibility and control of your entire SAP landscape using a single console.

Reduced time, effort and cost to manage and operate your SAP systems through automation of time-consuming basis administration tasks.

Increased operational agility through acceleration of application lifecycle management operations and fast response to workload fluctuations.


End to End

SAP system clone
Create a duplicate of an existing system with an identical system ID including network isolation

Use case example: create isolated testing, demo or training systems

SAP system copy
Create a duplicate of an existing SAP system with a different host name and a unique system ID including, automation of post-copy processing steps

Use case example: create new test/development systems

SAP system refresh
Refresh a system, to overwrite an existing target system with the latest data from a source system while maintaining the configuration

Use case example: update test and development systems with latest business data

With SAP Landscape Virtualization Management software, you can automate repetitive tasks and gain unprecedented visibility and control over SAP and non-SAP systems in both traditional and virtual infrastructures. As a result, you can boost efficiency and agility and lower operating costs. Learn more about the key features and business benefits this product has to offer.

SAP Landscape Management 3.0

What’s new (key capabilities)

Landscape Management and Operations
– Enhanced user experience based on SAP UI5
– Enhanced Dashboards, Pods and Landscape Visualization
– Simplified operations including templates based execution for operations
– New scheduling engine to plan and execute landscape tasks
– Automatic sync between two SAP LaMa systems for high availability setups
– New Automation Studio for defining and executing custom processes (combination of standard and custom operations)

SAP HANAManagement
– Simplified provisioning and management of SAP HANA Multi-Tenant Database Container (MDC) setups
– Fully automated System Refresh procedure for SAP HANA using backup and restore
– Fully automated procedure to setup and monitor SAP HANA System Replication
– Fully automated procedure for SAP HANA Failback and nZDM Takeover
– Near Zero Downtime (nZDM) maintenance for SAP HANA (e.g. OS updates, SAP HANA upgrades, Hardware maintenance)

LaMa Standard  Editions vs LaMa Enterprise Edition

What key functionality does LVM standard edition offer?
– Mass operations
– Validations
– Task planner
– AS (un-)installation
– Basic dashboards
– Virtualization integration
– Inter-system dependencies
– Extensibility (custom operations/hooks/services)
– Fine granular access control

What key functionality does LVM enterprise edition offer?
– All features in LVM standard edition, plus the following:
– Advanced Dashboards
– Reporting
– Performance monitoring
– System clone / copy / refresh
– Automatic capacity management
– Landscape visualization
– SAP HANA procedures like takeover

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