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CONCORN is proud to be part of SAP Focused Solutions Circle which combines CONCORN’s top-ranked services with the world’s leading business management software from SAP

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Build powerful customer-specific dashboards in minutes using state-of-the-art user experience with SAP Focused Solutions


Focused Build

Automated visibility of solution readiness against due dates, with integrated risk management

Management of distributed development teams

Agile release and software engineering with JIRA integration

Automated test planning, change & release management to support continuous delivery & integration and DevOps

Full integration of demand, project, process, change, release and test management


Focused Insight

Build custom-specific, easy-to-use dashboards in minutes

Pre-packaged content with simplified configuration models, no programming needed

Monitor 800+ best-practice KPIs, pre-selected for standard use cases

Mix real-time or historic metrics from across all SAP Solution Manager use cases

Ideal to build your ICC and OCC

Enable top-level, strategic, KPI-driven management for the business solution for IT and Business


Focused Run

Optimized for high volume system and application monitoring use cases using the full power of SAP HANA

Extremely simplified architecture with small technical footprint and reduced total cost of ownership

Proven built-in security concept with HTTP(S) as communication protocols and push as communication direction

Clear separation of different customers with multi-tenancy enablement

Maximum of automation during assignment and maintenance of managed systems


Predefined Project Methodology
Offers E2E and preconfigured reporting based on live-data
Is developed for IT projects based on customer experience and state of the art project methodology
Fits for SAP/non-SAP requirements and projects
Fits for small projects with fast/flexible build phase and big projects with longer lasting/complex build phase
Saves design/implementation/roll-out time and minimizes risk of wrong project set-up

Predefined Project Infrastructure

Minimizes technical risks and project delay by fully integrated E2E ALM process
Saves project set-up time as it is based on 5 years ALM Implementation Best Practices experience
Saves project methodology roll-out time by preconfigured training material

For more information see SAP Focused Solutions Help

SAP Focused Solutions Readiness


SAP Focused Solutions Dashboards
SAP Focused Insights unifies, aggregates and correlates SAP Solution Manager’s metrics in single comprehensive views.
It offers standard and best practices content supporting multiple sources based on all SAP Solution Manager scenarios and areas for RunSAP and BuildSAP.
SAP Focused Insights is organized in three levels (Operation, Governance and Strategic) and packaged as Dashboards Models.
A model is a pre-defined template corresponding to a best practice use-case (OCC, Monitoring, Tactical, …) that you configure to tailor your own needs.
Once deployed to your SAP Solution Manager, you can create multiple instances of any of the available dashboard model with specific configuration elements like metrics selection, thresholds, systems, time periods..
Once dashboard instances are configured and customized, you can publish them inside your organization via URLs managed by roles and authorizations. For more information see SAP Focused Solutions Help


Advanced User Monitoring including assembling of end-to-end view cross-system and cross-technology
Advanced System Management satisfying advanced needs in terms of scalability, performance, security, and automation
Configuration and Security Analytics to ensure transparency and compliance in huge system landscapes
Advanced Event & Alert Management to manage efficiently high volumes of alerts and events including integration aspects
Advanced Integration Monitoring to handle high volumes of single interface calls and message flows

For more information see SAP Focused Solutions Help

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