SAP Extended Diagnostics by CA

Proactively manage your Web-based applications in complex, heterogeneous IT environments – and keep end users happy – with SAP Extended Diagnostics by CA Technologies. This application performance management software can help you identify bottlenecks, eliminate outages, meet SLAs, and lower the overall cost of maintaining applications.

CA Introscope is an application management solution created to manage Java Application performance. Unlike development tools, Introscope is designed to scale with minimal performance impact. This allows you to monitor and manage your application performance in live production environments.



Monitor end-user response times at the transaction level to ensure a positive performance experience

Gain insight into the criticality and business impact of SAP and third-party Web-based transactions

Proactively maintain the performance of applications that provide data to SAP HANA

Group similar defective transactions for further analysis by the responsible party

Address issues promptly with real-time triage maps, automatic alerts, and root cause analytics

Provide detailed performance reporting and analysis, including custom dashboards


Team Center

SED Team Center provides part of the next generation of application triage and status reporting. In this release, there are changes to provide better mapping, and more flexibility and functionality to Level 1 triagers.

Personal Perspectives – In addition to globally configured perspectives, this release enables you to create your own Personal perspectives to pivot the map based on your needs, to improve monitoring and speed up the triage process.For more details see the Quick Guide Video.

Transaction Trace Map Building –  In this release, Team Center uses Transaction trace data to build the map. This feature guarantees that all elements of a transaction always appear on the map. Transaction trace map generation is set up by default, no configuration is necessary. Legacy map traces are still available and can be configured.


Emergeny Monitoring

During maintenance of the productive SAP Solution Manager it is necessary to provide monitoring for the managed system landscape as emergency monitoring scenario. This needs to be provided to ensure that during a planned or unplanned maintenance of the SAP Solution Manager system the 1st and 2nd level support has tools to monitor the managed system landscape manually. To achieve this solution the SAP Diagnostics Agents and the CA Introscope are used to provide monitoring during downtimes of the central SAP Solution Manager system.

The monitoring of the system landscape is provided via a specific dashboard deployed on CA Introscope as part of the SAP Management Modules for CA Introscope.n

The Right to View (RTV) version of CA Introscope is a restricted, read-only form of the full product and is bundled with SAP Solution Manager. With the RTV version, support is limited to products that are licensed and supported by SAP. The instrumentation, dashboards, Probe Builder Directives (PBDs), management modules, and Smartstor data contained within the RTV version of CA Introscope as provided by SAP is the intellectual property of SAP. Use of these functions is restricted by SAP and may only be used in an unrestricted manner by licensing SAP Extended Diagnostics by CA-Wily from SAP.

Team Center provides an overview of an application environment. Administrators use Team Center to see the health state of the environment. Triagers locate and triage problem areas in their environments.

  • The dashboard shows the overall health of the environment.
  • The map shows the relationships between individual components within the environment.

Both views display current and historic data. Time control let you view historic data and identify the start time of key changes in topology and performance. Identifying when these changes occur is the key to successful triaging

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