With the acquisition of French natural language processing start-up will we get Lattes and Croissants with our SAP ITSM? It is intriguing to imagine how SAP’s newer technologies will potentially play a key role in how we interact with our IT Services. In the Business to Consumer space, we are already able to order from Amazon and Google with their Digital Assistants. With this acquisition, SAP is one step closer to bringing the same features to the Enterprise. This will help drive Service Automation to level four autonomy or the equivalent of a self-driving car minus the risk of crashing.

SAP Chatbot

SAP ITSM Service Request

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So here is user Billy interacting with Chatty, an IT service chatbot:

[Billy] Hey Chatty, please order me a new Laptop with 64GB of Ram

[CHATBOT] Hi Billy, thanks for your request. Unfortunately, the company standard is 32GB or Ram. Would you like a 256GB or 512GB Solid State Disk configuration?

[Billy] Thanks for that, will only need 256GB

[CHATBOT] OK BIlly. Confirming your request for a new Laptop with 32GB of Ram and 256GB SSD. Please respond with OK and I will be happy to process your request.

[Billy] OK

[CHATBOT] Great, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your request and should receive your new laptop within 10 days of your manager approving the request. Is there anything else I can help you with?

[Billy] Not at the moment thanks

Let’s hope SAP comes up with a better name than Chatty for the Assistant!

SAP Press Release




Recast.AI Acquisition to Accelerate Natural Language Processing Capabilities (See full press release)

Recast.AI provides a development environment – software, technology and applications – that uses natural language, for example, chatbots. Recast.AI’s technology matches the requirements of conversational chatbots and allows high-performance natural language processing that supports more than 20 languages.

The acquisition will help SAP enhance the natural language processing capabilities in SAP solutions to help customers enjoy an improved user experience. SAP aims to simplify complex business interactions and processes by employing conversational user experience technology. The intention is to have applications speak to SAP software users in natural language. SAP created the SAP CoPilot digital assistant, a Web application, and an in-house platform to build conversational applications. SAP intends to use this platform across a wide breadth of its portfolio.

Recast.AI was founded in 2015, emerging from French coding school “42,” and is currently located at the incubator “Station F.” The company has grown quickly and today serves international customers in France, including large banks and insurance and tech companies. Recast.AI provides a modern ML-based technical architecture and owns proprietary algorithms that understand natural language. Its team of highly talented data scientists and engineers will strengthen ML development at SAP.

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