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Monitor Your IT Infrastructure With SAP Solution Manager

In addition to traditional application management features, the latest version of SAP Solution Manager comes with a multitude of additional features for your IT service and IT infrastructure management needs.


The SAP IT Infrastructure Management enhancement gives you the ability to go beyond mere application data monitoring to include the infrastructure components relevant to the operation of your applications.  


Main features

Seamless integration with SAP Solution Manager

Auto discovery for populating and maintaining the CMDB

All infrastructure data is made available to the higher level processes in SAP Solution Manager

All infrastructure components such as routers, switches, servers etc.along with their operating system, configuration, status, and relationships are captured

An optional enhancement automatically adds virtual infrastructures to the relational views

Fast and easy access to asset and inventory information

Vendor-agnostic, agentless monitoring

Clear graphical views of relationships between any infrastructure components

Built-in device provisioning

Known error database

Configurable escalation paths

Comprehensive reporting and analysis tools

Entirely web-based


Running IT as a Business

Holistic ALM and IT infrastructure management on SAP Solution Manager for SAP Enterprise Support customers

Intelligent and automatic discovery to detect dependencies and simplify management of heterogeneous technical infrastructures

Scalable expansion of SAP Solution Manager usage to proactive infrastructure monitoring and alerting for the entire IT infrastructure

ITIL-compliant SAP Solution Manager processes with full access to a proven Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

Faster value generation from IT to business ensures business continuity through precise business impact analysis


Advantages at a glance

Consolidated view of applications and infrastructure:

Monitor your entire IT environment from a single point of control –with SAP Solution Manager.

Embedding IT infrastructure data in your IT service management:

Information on all configuration items (CIs) in the infrastructure including their current status and dependencies is automatically made available to the services processes of SAP Solution Manager.

Proactive monitoring:

Avoid problems ahead of time by receiving automated alerts when defined thresholds are exceeded.

Faster error recovery in cases of emergency:

Take advantage of the unique view across application and network boundaries to identify and eliminate the root causes of incidents faster.

Automated inventory management for SAP and non-SAP components:

Automate the management of your IT inventory and save time and effort when compiling inventory data.

Reduced change management risks:

Plan necessary changes taking into account their potential impact on other systems, users, or processes.

The solution was developed jointly by SAP and REALTECH and transforms SAP Solution Manager into a central platform for managing your entire IT infrastructure – from business applications and processes all the way down to complex and heterogeneous infrastructure and network environments.





The age of digitization is bringing IT, business, and technology ever closer together. This also means thatthe future success of any

company depends on how efficiently it is able to organize its service management and whether it is able do so from end to end –

from its infrastructures to its technical processes and business services.

REALTECH, a seasoned provider of IT and enterprise service management solutions and a long-standing SAP technology partner,

has developed a number of add-ons specific to this field that are tailored to the needs of SAP Solution Manager users.


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