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Microfocus ALM and Octane Support


Enterprise Integration also enables you to synchronize ALM defects with support messagesthat are recorded in the Solution Manager Incident Management. You can control the defects and support messagesfrom either application.


Micro Focus ALM

Micro Focus ALM helps you manage and control software quality across the application lifecycle using a consistent approach.

This single solution can help you organize activities, automate tasks, and analyze, store, and track results.

By allowing your team to address issues early, SAP Quality Center helps reduce the cost and effort of fixing problems.

By employing a standardized process for gathering requirements, planning and scheduling tests, managing defects, and creating reports, the software minimizes the risk inherent in implementations and upgrades.

And by automating repetitive processes and eliminating time-consuming, error-prone tracking, your team can work faster, smarter, and more productively.


Micro Focus LoadRunner

Micro Focus LoadRunner helps you verify that your application’s architecture is built for performance and reliability.

Used by thousands of businesses worldwide, it enables you to test both physical and virtual architectures quickly and efficiently for any workload level.

You can test a broad range of applications, including those running on the SAP HANA platform, by running high-scale tests using minimal hardware.

And if performance bottlenecks are detected, you can identify and fix root causes and verify performance improvements before going live.

It’s never been easier to benchmark production system performance, retest changes, and go live with confidence.


Micro Focus Fortify

Micro Focus Fortify software is designed to help you secure diverse and highly accessible applications.

It lets you build trust across your entire software landscape – whether you are a large global enterprise or a small business.

SAP Fortify empowers your security, testing, and development teams to quickly find, triage, and fix security vulnerabilities no matter where or how your applications are deployed.

Using a collaborative Web interface, Micro Focus Fortify brings together distributed teams from across your organization to identify and correct security vulnerabilities in your applications.

Even if applications are in different programming languages, operating systems, and platforms, the software can analyze all of them and provide detailed line-of-code guidance in the specific programming language.

SAP Fortify can help you identify critical security issues early, reducing risk and costs.

The software also secures your Web applications and services with real-time security vulnerability testing and verification.

To speed up testing and improve software quality,you can transfer business blueprints and test assets from the SAP Solution Manager application management solution to the Micro Focus ALM / Octane. You can then test in Micro Focus ALM/Octane  display the results in SAP Solution Manager, and synchronize your quality center defects with service desk tickets.

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