SAP Focus Build is an Add-on to SAP Solution Manager. Many SAP customers are facing the challenge of an SAP S/4HANA transformation in the near future. This is often the cornerstone of a companies Digital Transformation Strategy. The best time to evaluate your Requirements to Deploy Application Life-cycle Management Processes (Build phase) is before embarking on this journey.   SAP provides the end-to-end Processes, Project Methodology, Content (Agile/Activate), Tooling and Dashboards necessary to ensure full transparency of your Solution’s readiness combined with complete documentation to ensure future reliability of your business processes.


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Webinar Q&A 

What version of FB and Solution Manager is being shown? 

Solution Manager 7.2 SP07 with Focus build 2.0 

Which company does the scrum board come from? 

BSC – Contact CONCORN for further information. 

What are some of the key areas that need to be covered before kicking off a Focus Build project? 

Key is to define the Document types. Enables you to quickly create deliverables from the beginning of the project. 

Can the Best practices from SAP S/4 roadmap imported into Focused Build – e.g Test cases 

Yes, they can be uploaded into SolMan along with the S4/HANA best practices as well as with the Model Company solution that SAP provides. 

TFS, JIRA and Version One scrum master tool need to integrate to solution manager via Add-on is it available in SAP Service Market place. 

The only adapter that I am aware of is for the integration between Jira and SolMan and is not available in SAP Marketplace as Add-on. This can be set-up and configured manually (CONCORN has the expertise). 

The other solutions can be integrated with the help of CONCORN development services. Be aware SAP does not support the integration so a maintenance agreement with CONCORN will cover the integration support with any tool and SolMan. 

What happens if you already have your ECC content and are upgrading to S/4? How do you map your current documented processes to the to-be? 

Yes, can be done during the Explore phase. Import the Activate content and then go through the S/4HANA best practices and in the FIT/GAP workshops identify which S/4HANA functionality you are looking to leverage (build requirements for GAP). From these requirements, you will then build out your scope through design, build, test and show phases. Your existing Processes will be part of the FIT scope.  

Mark Daley: “Documentation is a love letter that you write to your future self.” – Damian Conway & Craig Brown 

Have you had customers not being ready with their Prod Solman with FB at the start of explore phase? If yes how did you solve migration of requirements to Prod SolMan? 

Yes. We Had requirements tracked in Excel and did not have Focus Build. Took two weeks to set-up Focus Build and imported requirements from Excel via upload tool, so this was not a show stopper. It was relatively easy to catch-up from a project timeline point of view. 


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