According to IDG’s article, The future is bright for digital CIO”, being a Digital CIO is a good thing. Martha Heller outlines the following areas of expertise required:

Digital adoption – bringing together teams across Line of Business to drive programs to leverage technology for innovation. Success will come from measuring the adoption of these programs

Technical knowledge – gain a deep understanding of the key business solution technical stack

Financial knowledge – required for Board discussions on how IT investment is aligned with Business Outcomes

Customer engagement – understand how your processes are impacting the customer by monitoring end-to-end processes. According to SAP CEO Bill McDermott “It’s the customer’s customer, it’s mass customization at scale in a highly personalized way—and that  requires a common data model, a common platform, and an unbelievable end-to-end capability so that you can satisfy the perfect experience.”

Data Analytics – Lead by example. Transform IT into a Data-driven organization while educating the business.

SAP Solution Manager enables CIO’s to digitize the Business Process Management and Operations in order to provide process analytics and data for in-depth insight. Utilizing SAP Solution Manager also provides an in-depth insight into SAP’s technical stack and new technologies and aligns IT costs to business functions. By bringing all process information into a single source of the truth Digital CIO’s can significantly advance their understanding of how the business processes run and rapidly adopt new technologies to drive value.

if SAP is your key business solution, and you want to be a Digital CIO, talk to us today to see how our team can support your transition to digital Application Life-cycle Management.


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