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CONCORN comes from the days spent sitting in the CONsultants CORNer of the project 0ffice resolving critical SAP issues. Over the years the way we solved these became dependent on tools and processes provided by SAP Solution Manager. Now with the release of Solman 7.2 SAP has delivered a Best of Suite set of Application Life-cycle Management (ALM) tools and processes to help automate IT and drive business value. Being a Boutique SAP Solution Manager Consultancy, we have the in-depth skills required to unlock the value from SAP Solution Manager by removing the pain points of implementing, upgrading and maintaining what is effectively an ERP for Application Life-cycle Management.

“To profitability create, deliver and support comprehensive SAP and partner solutions to the SAP customer base that enable them to operate their SAP Landscapes in a no risk, highly effective environment.   We will achieve this locally, but globally as well with select partners.”
“We add value to ConCorn’s and SAP’s customers by understanding their business needs and requirements and recommending SAP and certified partner solutions that reduce costs, improve revenues and can improve customer acquisition and retention down to the end user experience.”
SAP EGI Training

SAP EGI Training Schedule for Solution Manager and HANA

SAP EGI Training Sessions (Expert Guided Implementation) are Expert-led sessions delivered through the SAP Enterprise Support Academy.  You build up the knowledge and skills needed to configure and run baseline functionality of SAP Solution Manager scenarios and the...

SAPPHIRENOW 2018 SAP Solution Manager Presentations

With SAPPHIRENOW wrapping for 2018 its time to review the SAP Solution Manager Presentations. The big news was the C/4HANA announcement which is SAP's new product name for all SAP CRM in the Cloud and replaces the Hybris brand name. This is a turning point in SAP's...

SAP Solution Manager Support Pack 07

Scope Definition in SAP Solution Manager Support Pack 07 Assigning IT requirements or change transactions to projects New If you are using Project Management together with Requirements Management and Change Request Management to plan software innovations or changes in...
SAP support backbone upgrade

Why Jan 2020 is an important date for SAP Solution Manager

The 1st of January 2020 will see the SAP support backbone upgrade completed. This will bring support for HTTPS communication between customers ERP systems and SAP's Support backbone. This upgrade will affect the way SAP Solution Manager transfers information to/from...
S4HANA Operate and Optimize

Phase 4 of SAP S/4HANA Migration with SAP Solution Manager

Welcome to our monthly SAP ALM Blog which sees the final blog in our series on SAP Solution Manager and the SAP S/4HANA Migration. Also for information on SAP's ALM training please click on 2018 EGI Training Schedule for April and May. These are free with SAP...
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