BI Analytics for IT

When it comes to differentiating in business the adoption of BI Analytics remains a CIO’s top priority. Just like any other part of business IT also requires a set of metrics and analytics to ensure critical business solutions are functioning at an optimal level and also providing insight into process usage and areas of optimization.

With the release of SAP Focused Insights, SAP Solution Manager Analytics can unify, aggregate and correlate IT metrics in single comprehensive view. It offers standard and best practices content supporting multiple sources based on all SAP Solution Manager scenarios and areas for Run and Build SAP.

Value added by methodology & tools

  • Access to all metrics and KPIs in form of trends and statuses view.
  • Cross-reporting for Innovation Control Center and Operational Control Center use cases for IT and Business.
  • Pre-packaged content based on SAP Best Practices.

Use Cases for Dashboard Models

Strategic: Measure service performance compliance to drive IT organization’s strategic objectives. Tactical: Control solution status and trend against the forecasts to optimize usage of resources. Governance: Comply with service level agreements to monitor and identify early good and bad trends. Operations: Monitor aggregated views of performance indicators for SAP Basis and Business Key users. Real-time alerting console for control center.

In Summary

  • SAP Solution Manager BI Analytics provides powerful and flexible dashboards based on SAP Best Practices
  • Three use cases for IT and Business: Operations, Governance & Strategic Cross-process and integrated views
  • Role-oriented dashboards with authorizations management
  • Wide choice of metrics and KPIs (multiple data sources and predefined catalogs)
  • Continuously enhanced (standard add-on) and extendable Appealing SAP UI5 user interfaces with mobile support

So if you want to get an insight into how well your IT is performing Contact us today for a demonstration. Remember happy users lead to better business!



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