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SAP Portfolio and Project Management enables you to better control and innovate projects, processes, products, and services across their life cycles. Integrating Project Management and Portfolio Management into end-to-end enterprise processes helps organizations of all industries dealing with projects to decrease costs and to increase efficiencies and margin.

Key value chains in the application lifecycle: Portfolio to Project


Business demand

We need to digitize our customer relation to stay ahead of competition with an innovative business model.


Solution delivery

We have to agree on a strategic initiative to implement a new solution that supports the new business model.

We do a high-level estimate of capacity, skills and effort. We balance the investment against other initiatives. We agree on an investment bucket for the initiative.

Successful organizations are those that can maximize business value, achieve balance, and align their overall portfolio with strategic objectives.

SAP Portfolio and Project Management application helps you deliver on this, and help you deliver on it more effectively.

ConCorn’s SAP Project and Portfolio Management services include:

  • Portfolio Management

  • Project Management

  • PPM Resource Planning and Timing Tracking

  • PPM Budgeting and Forecasting

  • IT Project and Portfolio Management in SAP Solution Manager

  • PPM integration with Change and Release Management

  • Agile Project and Portfolio Management

  • PPM integration with Test Management

  • PPM Methodology Enforcement

  • PPM Monitoring, Reporting and Dashboards

IT Project and Portfolio Management:


Effective project management is key to the success of any project and business and IT require the necessary tools to achieve this success. Using SSM’s ITPPM capabilities allows users and project management to manage time, resources and the status of various deliverables. SAP have also provided rich content with respect to test cases, project plans roadmaps and configuration guides to support their S/4HANA Best Practices.  ITPPM integrates with the Process Management component in order to encourage the support of the full application lifecycle and the corresponding mapping, maintenance and monitoring of the business processes.

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Valton is a man of his word. Says what he will do and delivers. As a supplier to a major manufacturer he was comprehensive and dedicated to the success of the project and the client’s objectives. In the project I managed we defined deliverables and success criteria early in the project and the stakeholders signed off as the deliverables were completed. Each deliverable was successfully completed

Dr. Michael J. Glovis

Delivery Director at SAP America, Inc., SAP

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