BI Analytics again ranks number one in Gartner CIO Survey

BI Analytics for IT When it comes to differentiating in business the adoption of BI Analytics remains a CIO’s top priority. Just like any other part of business IT also requires a set of metrics and analytics to ensure critical business solutions are functioning at an optimal level and also providing insight into process usage and areas of optimization. — Doug Laney (@Doug_Laney) March 5, 2018 With the release of SAP Focused Insights, SAP Solution Manager Analytics can unify, aggregate and correlate IT metrics in single comprehensive view. It offers standard and best practices content supporting multiple sources based on all SAP Solution Manager scenarios and areas for Run and Build SAP. Value added by methodology & tools Access to all metrics and KPIs in form of trends and statuses view. Cross-reporting for Innovation Control Center and Operational Control Center use cases for IT and Business. Pre-packaged content based on SAP Best Practices. Use Cases for Dashboard Models Strategic: Measure service performance compliance to drive IT organization’s strategic objectives. Tactical: Control solution status and trend against the forecasts to optimize usage of resources. Governance: Comply with

SAP Solution Manager – Maturity Model

Maturity Model  Installing SAP Solution Manager with a purely technical view of the product may not result in the full benefits being realized. To a degree, configuring the various capabilities whether aiming at cleaning up the custom ABAP repository, or attempting business process monitoring will yield results.  However, experience has taught us that in order to truly position SAP Solution Manager as value adding component in the IT strategy, there needs to be a defined path with some sort of feedback loop to ensure that steady and constant progress is being made as the various capabilities of SAP Solution Manager are deployed, adapted and finally adopted. Having a roadmap is only one part of the process. Tracking and maturing that roadmap is often overlooked. Hence the Maturity Model.  A typical Maturity Model is based on the concept of a growth or improvement path that relies on grouping activities or statuses into levels that are traversed as the path

SAP Solution Manager – IT and Corporate Governance

IT and Corporate Governance The world is on a constant to path to create efficiencies in existing environments and at the same innovate. In order to attempt to retain control and a measure of safeness that, as these new and existing technologies, methods, concepts and effects have on us, there is growing need to have and introduce new frameworks around which the various business sectors of the world need to operate within. Some of these frameworks are very well established and entrenched, for instance, the Banking and Pharmaceutical industries. Others are still being defined. Irrespective of the framework or its maturity, there is an opportunity for SAP Solution Manager to contribute the governance effort required by a business to confirm to their respective governance frameworks. There is no silver bullet here, however, as these frameworks mature and cross from the policy and procedure area into the IT systems, the task of validating for compliance has become more complex and time consuming.
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